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Chennai Queer LitFest 2020 Live

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Write to us at if you'd like to get in touch with the speakers. 



Sunthar V

Writer, Comic


Sunthar V is a Tamil-Canadian born and raised in Scarborough, Canada. He is a stand-up comedian, poet and the producer of HOME – an LGBTQ+ friendly,Tamil-centric, feminist comedy show. Through his art Sunthar shares his perspective of love, conflict, identity, sexuality and masculinity. He writes/performs in both English and Tamil. 


Living Smile Vidya

Theatre Artist


Living Smile Vidya is a theatre artist, poet, writer and a transgender rights activist. She is the founder and director of Panmai theatre. The Kannada film “Naan Avanalla Avalu” which is based on her biography is a National Award winner, and Living Smile Vidya won Karnataka State Film Award for best story for the film. She was also chosen as one of the 50 noticeable persons by Anandha Vikatan in the year 2016.

Priyadharshini 2020.jpeg


Journalist and Filmmaker


Priyadharsini is a journalist, an activist and founder of The Blue Club an organisation that amplifies the voices of women from marginalised caste and gender locations.Priyadharsini is also a filmmaker who had documented legal proceedings and cases specifically with respect to the violation of rights of Dalit Communities with special focus on Dalit Women.

Kirthi - January 2020 - Red Elephant Fou

Kirthi Jayakumar

Founder, The Gender Security Project


 Kirthi is a feminist researcher and lawyer and works in the field of gender, peace, and security. She founded and runs The Gender Security Project and coded an app called Saahas for survivors of gender-based violence.

Martin Solothurn 2019 20200513a.jpg

Martin Frank



Born 1950 in Berne, Switzerland, Martin Frank grew up in Berne and Zurich. From 1969 to 1981 he worked on and off in IT – systems programmer, systems analyst, systems manager – and spent time in India learning Sanskrit, Hindi, Urdu and spoken Tamil. His English novel Ocean of Love is currently being translated in Tamil. More about Martin and his work can be found at


Florian Niederseer



Florian Niederseer is a queer spoken word artist from Austria. His work is greatly influenced by his experience of growing up gay in a rather conservative environment, where he had to face and overcome homophobia left and right. He supports LGBTQ* communities across Europe through his work as a Queer Rights Activist and artist.

Navin Edit-28 - utkarsh lasoon.jpg

Navin Norohna

Stand-up Comedian


India’s first openly gay comedian, Navin Noronha was born and raised in suburban Mumbai. He is a professional stand up comic, podcaster, improv artist, writer and actor. He is currently doing his stand up solo show 'The Good Child' and has toured all across India with it. He also toured Australia representing Queer comedy from Asia as part of shows called Spice Night.

Aayushi Jagad 1 - Aayushi Jagad.jpg

Ayushi Jagad



Aayushi Jagad is a comedian from Pune who became a stand up comedian after realising it was the only healthy way to get attention and not be judged for it. She enjoys singing on the weekends and long walks on the road because beaches are too mainstream.



Activist, VIdhai


Kirisanth is a poet, writer and activist from Sri Lanka. He is involved with the advocacy group Vidhai. He is one of the editors of the literary magazine “Puthiya Sol”.

20200914_223634 - Nabi Haider Ali.jpg

Nabi Haider Ali



Nabi is an illustrator and visual development artist. He is originally from Chennai and currently based in California. His art outside of work consists mainly of spiritual exploration, namely reimagining Islamic art through the abstract. He is a trans masc person who hopes to live as his authentic self through his art.

YaliniDream_by_JendogLonewolf_wearing fa


Performing Artist

she/her/ள் \ they/them/ர்

Yalini Dream is a touring performing artist, organizer, cultural worker, and consultant with over twenty years experience using artistic tools for healing, organizing, and dignity with communities contending with violence and trauma. Yalini tours as part of Hip Hop Storytelling Duo Brooklyn DreamWolf and is a consultant through Vision Change Win. Yalini is also currently coordinating a Tamil-led response to recent attacks on asylum including the June 25th SCOTUS ruling against a Tamil Asylum Seeker. 


IMG_20200810_122014_490 - nithisha sekha


Festival Social Media Manager


Nithisha is currently pursuing masters degree in information management and accounting systems. She loves working with QCC and continues to be the social media manager for the Chennai Queer LitFest from the first edition. The quote that inspires her is "I am a leader who deals with hope".

Ellinathan 2020.jpg


Programme Technical Coordinator


Architect by profession, design enthusiast, loves to travel and explore new cities. Interested in pet and animal photography, goes gaga for black metal jewellery, eats cake for breakfast.



Programme Presenter


Nivedha is a curator in a publishing house. She is a physics enthusiast.

bakhya k.jpg

Dr. Bakhya

Programme Coordinator


Bakhya is a medical doctor, Ambedkarite and a photography enthusiast. She engages in anti-caste discourse and strive for social justice in whatever ways possible.

sneha belcin.jpg


Programme Media manager


Sneha is a journalist turned filmmaker. She is a writer, poet and a translator. She envisions a queer feminist centric reporting and filmmaking.

Shilpa 2020 a.jpeg

Dr. Shilpa

Festival Director


Shilpa is a medical doctor interested in the intricacies and politics of a/sexuality and gender. She envisions a future with affirming and accessible healthcare for Queer people, especially in the public sector

Senthil 2020.jpeg


Festival Director


Senthil is a designer by profession and Artist in essence, graduated from IIT-Guwahati. His final year thesis was on LGBTQ+ at workplace and establishing a safe space at work. A Mythology and Folklore nerd. He has been volunteering and involved LGBTQ+ movement from 2010. Avid reader of Children, Rational and Queer literature.

Gireesh 2020.jpeg


Festival Director & Creative head


Gireesh is an artist, poet and writer. He currently works in the advertising industry. Prior to entering the advertising world he worked as Assistant Art Director in the Tamil film industry. In addition to his main profession, he was associated as a consultant with non-government organisations in Chennai that worked for the welfare of LGBTQ individuals. His Tamil book Vidupattavai was published in January 2018. 

Moulee 2020.JPG


Festival Director & Curator


Moulee is the founder of Queer Chennai Chronicles. He is a writer and workplace Diversity, Equity & Inclusion professional. Currently he is on a mission to chronicle the contemporary queer history of Chennai.

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