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QCC - Queer LitFest 2018

Date: 07 July 2018 - 10 am to 5.30 pm | Venue: Kavikko Convention Centre, Chennai - 04

Queer Chennai Chronicles - Queer LitFest is to bring together varied queer perspectives about literature from, and about India. The one day festival would have a series of sessions that would be in the form of panel discussions, oration, poetry and reading performances.

The aim is to create a conversation about Queer Indian literature, Queerness in India and to bring together political and literary values of the works that play an important role in the lives of queer persons. This would also encourage and create opportunities for queer writers, translators and artists who are otherwise invisibilized or ignored in various literary platforms; and a deeper appreciation for queer literature. 
This year’s LitFest topic of discussion will be on the following themes:


Media representation and narratives of LGBTQ individuals (panel in Tamil) 

Media representation of Queer persons have real life consequences. Both the issues relating to Queerness, or other issues with Queer persons related among these. South Indian English, Tamil, Print and Television media representation of Queer people often cause negative effects than progressive effects. Following Dhrubo Jyoti’s keynote on Queer portrayals in Indian media. Three media persons from south Indian media will discuss the common trends related, and how to move forward to an inclusive and progressive future.

Panelists: Dhrubo Jyoti (keynote), Ragamalika, Panimalar Panneerselvam, Mankuthirai.

Queer literature in publishing (panel in Tamil)

A panel to discuss Queer literature on Tamil literature’s long and multifaceted history from the perspective of Publishers. A pioneer of transwomen literature in Tamil, Writer Priyababu will share her experiences publishing her works. Prema Revathi of Maitri Publications and Amudha of Karuppu piradhigal, will join her in a conversation.

Panelists: Priyababu, Amudha, Prema Revathi. Moderator: Senthil

Literature that shapes Queer identities in India (dialogue in Tamil)

Literature plays an important role in defining queer identities and helping non-queer persons understand them too. The panel is to discuss the positive and negative effects of those literature.

Writer Dhamayanthi will talk about Queer portrayals in contemporary Tamil literature, and their effects on the daily lives of queer persons in society. Writer and Historian Nadika will talk about the role of religious literature, mythologies in defining queer identities in Indian societies. There will be a discussion following the speeches.

Speakers: Dhamayanthi, Nadika.


Speeches and presentations:

  • Queer Literature in Kannada - Vasudhendra

  • The Chinky Homo Project - The Chinky Homo Project is a digital media initiative started by two northeastern queer living n New Delhi. It seeks to archive digital and print anthology from Northeast India and of queer people belonging to the region – of our experience edged in our bodies and our mind.

  • Reading from selected queer literature in Tamil

    • Introducing Sheiji Tadakoro, Queer Chennai Anthology Contributor


  • ​The anonymity of social media plays an important role in assimilating the queer community which has access to the medium. It also plays as a medium of support and networking.  Memes are the current trend in passing information and critiquing. While most of the social media memes are easily discardable and silly, some stand out. Some see it as an opportunity to make a point. In an otherwise hetero-centric entertainment and media; these queer-centric pages are a relief. And for some of us the anonymity of social media is the only way to express ourselves. Having that in mind we have Tamil Mixer Troll share some of their queer-centric memes that critique the 'mainstream' media and the society at large.  


QCC Queer LitFest 2018, Chennai is organised by crowdfunding from friends, allies and all those who donated anonymously. We at QCC and the Queer LitFest organising team thank each one of you for your support and contribution. If you'd like to collaborate with us in the future, please write to


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QCC Queer LitFest 2018 was a part of

Chennai Rainbow Pride month 2018 celebration 

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