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Chennai Queer LitFest 2019 Speakers

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Write to us at if you'd like to get in touch with the speakers. 

hari profile.jpg

Hari Rajaledchumy

Writer, Artist


Hari Rajaledchumy is a writer/artist based in London. Her writings have been published in various Sri Lankan and diaspora literary journals. Samples of her writings and visual artworks can be accessed via

maari pic.png

Maari Zwick-Maitreyi

Artist and Community Historian


Maari is a Dalit activist, artist, and community historian. Maari is Research Director at Equality Labs, co-founder of Dalit History Month, an author on the Caste in the United States report, Executive Editor at​


Shals Mahajan

Writer, Activist


Shals Mahajan is a writer, activist, layabout, part feline, somewhat hooman, genderqueeer queer feminist fellow who lives in Bombay, but mainly in their head. They have been part of LABIA – Queer Feminist LBT Collective for the past two decades and their published works include Timmi in Tangles, Timmi and Rizu, A Big Day for the Little Wheels and No Outlaws in the Gender Galaxy.





Vai is an illustrator from Trichy, currently working in Bangalore whilst dabbling with freelance part-time. Their interests lie in the learning and teaching of gender fluidity and sexual identity. They have worked on projects with queer chronicles Chennai and Gaysi, Mumbai, that bring forth the voices of queer Indians.



Writer, IT Professional


Kishor is from Kozhikode, Kerala, and worked as IT professional in the corporate world for many years, including a decade in Boston, USA. Author of the Malayalam book "Randu Purushanmar Chumbikkumbol" (When two Men Kiss), autobiography and articles on same-sex love, published in 2017. Kishor is a Board member of Queerala, an organization for LGBTI Keralites.

Salai Selvam.jpg

Salai Selvam

Educationalist, Writer


Salai Selvam’s works focuses on education and feminism. Her contributions to the women's magazine Suttum vizhi chudar and the children's magazine Koozhangal are noteworthy. She continues her activities towards children's literature and promoting reading habits in Children. She initiates dialogue regarding women in Koodu and Tamilnadu women's organisation. She participates in discussions regarding queer persons and contributes her work whenever needed. In her work "Ammavin settaigal", she narrates without revealing the gender identity of the kid. She regularly holds gender discussions with children and teachers. She uses every oppurtunity where she can to garner importance to social gender and queer related issues. She is now working in an organisation for the welfare of Government teachers.

v geetha.jpg

V Geetha

Writer, Translator


V. Geetha is an Indian feminist activist who writes on issues related to caste, gender, education and civil rights. She has been consistently engaged in writing and translation work and has been actively contributing to various magazines and news portals.



Festival Coordinator


Krishna is a Chennai based educator who works with government schools.  



Programme Director


Senthil is a designer by profession and Artist in essence, graduated from IIT-Guwahati. His final year thesis was on LGBTQ+ at workplace and establishing a safe space at work. A Mythology and Folklore nerd. He has been volunteering and involved LGBTQ+ movement from 2010. Avid reader of Children, Rational and Queer literature.

shilpa 2019.jpeg


Festival Coordinator


Shilpa is a medical professional interested in the intricacies and politics of a/sexuality and gender. She envisions a future with affirming and accessible healthcare for Queer people, especially in the public sector

nadika 2019.jpeg


Programme Director


Nadika is a writer and researcher with interests in history and archaeology, city and urban spaces, gender, and the Internet. She is currently based in Bangalore.

gireesh 2019.jpg


Festival Director


Gireesh is an illustrator and writer. He currently works in the advertising industry. Prior to entering the advertising world he worked as Assistant Art Director in the Tamil film industry. In addition to his main profession, he was associated as a consultant with non-government organisations in Chennai that worked for the welfare of LGBTQ individuals. 



Festival Curator


Moulee is the founder of Queer Chennai Chronicles. He is a writer and workplace Diversity, Equity & Inclusion professional. Currently he is on a mission to chronicle the contemporary queer history of Chennai.

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Thamizhachi Thangapandian.png

Thamizhachi Thangapandian MP



A Dravidian, Poet, Academician, Research Scholar. And now, to represent you the people of South Chennai at The Parliament of India. She has been awarded multiple awards for both her literary, cultural and social contributions. Pavendhar Bharathidasan Virudhu by the TN State Government, Certificate oh Honour by the UNICEF, Justice MM Ismail Memorial Award to name a few.

Keynote Speaker

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